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PHILIP KOTLER - northwestern university

I do a lot of seminar trainings and lecturings around the world but the place I love to come back to more than any other places is Italy. I have been working for many years with my good friend Pietro Guido and I am so pleased with the arrangements that are made, the hospitality that is shown, the details of concern and care not only for me as a visiting speaker but also for the participants. Every detail is prepared for, so that the whole experience is not only an educational experience but a comfortable experience for every one, and that's why ratings are always so positive when seminars are put on by ISEM. So I will tell any of my colleagues, other people who speak in seminars always if they are invited, if they have the privilege of working with ISEM, that they will find that it is a very comfortable, delightful experience, the audiences are good, numerous participants seem to be coming and so this is a level of satisfaction that I enjoy and I look forward to. So I want to thank Pietro Guido for his hospitality and our continued friendship which has gone on for 15 years and I hope will go on for another 15 or more years.

MICHAEL PORTER - harvard university

Dear Pietro, I had, with ISEM, a very enjoyable session in Milan today. You did a great job! It was a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Best personal wishes.


Dear Pietro, I had an excellent time at your seminar. It was very well organized and presented. If you want to do another, please let me know. Peggy said she thought the atmosfere was perfect. I think that you will see Northern Italy become prosperous again when the political situation is settled. In the meantime, you are making a valuable contribution for those who want to manage.

ROSABETH MOSS KANTER - harvard university

Dear Guido, I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed presenting the seminar for ISEM on March in Milan. It was a pleasure to participate in such a professional, well-planned event. We hope that those who attended found the seminar helpful. We would like to extend our thanks to you for your part in organizing this event and for all you did to make things go so smoothly. We hope you feel the entire program was a big success and that feedback has been positive. Thank you for your gracious hospitality. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way in the future.

MICHAEL KAMI - president Corporate Planning inc.

Dear Pietro, you and your wife were wonderful hosts and organizers. Everything in Italy went smoothly, as promised. I thank you very much. I am glad that the ratings were high. I liked the audience and communicated well with them. I would be very pleased to continue to work with you on whatever time frames you think are the most profitable for you. I want you to succeed and be happy.

LOUIS STERN - northwestern university

Pietro organizes an extremely professional seminar. All aspects are carefully planned and organized, so that speakers have no concern about details. The materials, audio-visual equipment, and facilities are excellent. In addition, the translators are first-rate and are capable of taking complex concepts into Italian from English, with ease. Pietro is, himself, an outstanding marketing thinker and a true intellectual with regard to the subject matter of the seminars. He also performs sophisticated targeting in order to maximize the size of the audiences at the seminars. He is a very pleasant and an exceedingly agreable person with whom to deal.

MICHAEL GORBACIOV - gorbachev foundation

Dear Mister Pietro Guido - President ISEM I express to you my gratitude for your kind attention towards my person. Just the calendar of my engagements will be specified I will inform you and if our reciprocal possibilities will converge I will be glad to meet you and the participants to the ISEM conference. I convey you my best greetings, sincerely yours M. Gorbachev.